Persuasive Speech Writing Process Packet (and topic ideas):

How to Evaluate Online Sources (why to use databases):
  • Example Site: Endangered Octopus
Endangered Octopus Research
  • Website Evaluation Smart Board Lesson

Website Evaluation Guided Notes
  • Website Evaluation Fill-in Guide

What is Plagiarism? (How can I take notes to avoid it?)
  • Plagiarism Information and Online Lesson
Plagiarism Online
  • Forms for Taking Notes with Citations

Where can I find QUALITY research?

  • The Maryvale Middle School usernames and passwords for the databases are located on pages 13 and 14 of your Student Handbook Agenda.
Databases for Research

How do I plan to write my speech?

  • Complete the "L" and "W" columns on pg. 5 in the persuasive speech packet.
  • Complete the "Words" section on pg. 6 in the persuasive speech packet. Use specific words from your research as well as general words that embody the tone you hope to convey throughout your speech. Refer to the word lists below for ideas.

  • Complete your planning outline in the persuasive speech packet. This will include ideas to remember as well as complete sentences to use when you write your rough draft in the next step of the writing process. Use the "Ideas for Addresses" sheet as well as the "Persuasive Techniques" to assist you in your planning.

How will my persuasive speech be ASSESSED?

  • The teacher will grade you Persuasive Speech Packet to assess your research skills and writing process.
  • Here is a list of steps to follow when writing or typing your final draft.

  • Here is the rubric for your Persuasive Speech Product and Presentation. You will submit your final draft immediately after your presentation.

What RESEARCH SKILLS have a learned?

  • Complete the following Quia Survey. Think about the research skills you learned and used. You will be responsible for applying these skills to at least two more research projects this year as well as to all research projects throughout high school.
Modified lessons (for teacher use):

  • Here is the modified Persuasive Speech RAFT packet:

  • These are packets of research with 3 articles that may be found through the Pro/Con Section of SIRS Knowledge Source database in audio versions.

  • Here are the class notes for "What is revision, really?"