Big 6 Genocide Research Project:

First, complete the Independent Genocide Reading Project, given to you by Mrs. Floss. Second, complete in class lectures and activities in ELA and SS classes in connection to genocide as well as research and writing skills. Third, complete independent research and writing in and out of class, following these steps. Use the sheets available in Mrs. Floss’s and Mr. Staebell’s rooms as well as in the library and on the class wiki (see address below).
Due Dates:
Independent Genocide Reading Project to Mrs. Floss on _

Genocide Newspaper Article with edited draft, planning pyramid, all cited note sheets, and Noodle Tools Works Cited to Mr. Staebell on

Useful links:
The Maryvale Middle School Library Homepage

1. What is your big question?
from America to Darfur...
Choose a genocide to report on from that time and place.
Then, develop a big question to research and report on in your newspaper article.
Native Americans
What were the causes? (immediate and/or long-term)
What were the effects on the nation or world? (immediate and/or long-term)
How did the rest of world react or not to the genocide? (immediate and/or long-term)
The Holocaust
How it the people resist? (individually or as a movement)
These are only ideas of to get you thinking. Use one of them or create another on your own:

Your Choice:
Your Choice:
2. Determine and prioritize quality sources.
Complete the Independent Genocide Reading Project as well as the class lectures and activities from Genocide: The Systematic Killing of a People by Linda Jacobs Altman. Then, choose a genocide from history to research further and on which to write a newspaper article.

3. Locate actual resources and information.
Possible Sources to use:
  • Databases from Mrs. Muse’s Library Website (see password information in your agenda)
  • Genocide: The Systematic Killing of a People by Linda Jacobs Altman
  • Links to valued and unbiased news and academic organization websites available on The Maryvale Middle School Library Website
  • Articles and hard copy sources gathered from our Middle School and High School Libraries

4. Actively read and take cited notes.
  • Use active reading strategies and take detailed notes.
Do not click and print. Read, Think, and Write Cited Notes!!!

  • Use the research note sheets with citation information for every piece of research. There are copies in the library as well as on the class wiki and on the Library Webpage. Be sure to use the correct sheet for the type of resource.

*Keep these to use with Noodle Tools for the Works Cited as well as to hand in for a grade with the final project.*

5. Organize, compose, and create your project.
Use the guidelines for writing a newspaper article and the planning pyramid to help you organize your ideas and research into a well-written newspaper article. It must be 5-10 quality paragraphs with details from your research. You may choose to include 1 or 2 photos with captions, hand drawn artwork, or a political cartoon to complement your article, but it is not necessary. You may also choose to format your article into columns, like a real newspaper. Please review the rubric before you begin.

6. Evaluate the quality of your work before submitting it.
  • Did you read your final draft aloud, scrutinizing your conventions and fluency?

  • Did you complete all of the steps of the project and staple them in order?
1) Genocide Newspaper Article (top)
2) edited draft(s)
3) planning pyramid
4) all cited note sheets (3 or more)
5) Noodle Tools Works Cited (bottom)

  • Is this your best work?

  • Do you understand the research process you used?

*You will need to use the same process, resources, and sheets for you upcoming Decades Project as well as all other research projects in all subjects throughout 8th grade and high school.*
After the Project:
Be sure to complete the Quia Survey available on the class wiki or the Library Website. It is part of your Independent Reading Project grade and will be evaluated by Mr. Staebell and Mrs. Floss. You can complete it in the library at anytime within three days of finishing your project. It is part of your grade, so don’t forget!